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Educational therapists specialize in working with students with a wide range of diagnosed learning disabilities. Trained to read assessments, they implement specific educational recommendations accordingly. If the results of testing are confusing for parents, educational therapists “translate” to make a student’s needs clear. Educational therapists are also skilled in advocating for students with special needs by communicating with faculty, administrators and colleagues when appropriate. As with any specialized profession, many educational therapists have a specific area of expertise.

While some educational therapists specialize in teaching reading, others focus on written expression and math, among other areas. All educational therapists teach study skills and focus on the domain of Executive Function. There are some who serve the primary and middle school grades. Others work mainly with high school students and undergraduates. Another key distinction concerns those trained in specific remedial programs, versus those who primarily assist students with their school curriculum. Some educational therapists perform various batteries of educational testing; others work with students who have already been tested.

Many students recommended for educational therapy benefit from tutoring assistance as well. Depending upon the learning profile, specific test results, and recommendations from the evaluator and referral source, we make informed placements for the best support team possible. We often design a particular program for the school year and something more intensive for the summer months.