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Since every student has individual strengths and weaknesses, we believe strongly in the advantages of one-on-one instruction tailored to each student’s ability, effort, and learning profile. Students learn how to maximize their existing knowledge, while also addressing information gaps in their academic foundations. Individualized instruction allows students to slow down or accelerate as needed.

Throughout the test prep process, we work together to set and achieve goals. As students meet their goals, we systematically set even higher ones. Depending on which prospective schools students are considering, we work to target realistic scores that are manageable for each student. Ultimately, our students walk into their tests knowing exactly what they need to do to achieve a reasonable score improvement.

It is important for students to commit to regular attendance of test prep sessions and the completion of homework. Among the most important factors in achieving score improvement are dedication, regular practice, and a willingness to try different techniques and approaches.

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